A Fish (Mulgogi)


South Korea 2011.  Dir: Park Hongmin.  Scr: Park Hongmin

Betterthandisneyland: “So, what did you do a film school today?”

Film-maker: “I made a film.  A sort of fantasy/reality thing.”

Betterthandisneyland: “Oh, yeah?  What’s it about?”

Film-maker: “Oh, you know, the usual.. stressed professor walking out on students and driving to meet thug-private eye hired to find wife who’s run off to become a shaman on remote island/fishermen losing memory after a fish they catch speaks to them/ people vanishing during ceremonial ritual at sea and then reappearing/people taking each other’s form/people appearing inside mirrors/bit of violence..sort of thing.  And it’s in 3-D!”

Betterthandisneyland: “Sounds great.  Do you think western audiences will like it?”

Film-maker: “Not sure.  They might need to know something about the significance of fish and the Sea in Korean culture.  And it would help if they like loud banging of gongs and bells.”


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