About us


Just another DIY blog of film reviews.  In time, tri-lingual.

A blog by a couple of amateur moviegoers with an interest in bringing people’s attention to some of the independent and international films that probably wont make any money but might leave you with something altogether better.

It’s also a modest tribute to Graham Leggat, the late Chief Executive of the San Francisco Film Society who died in the summer of 2011, aged 51.  He said, “… you begin to get a sense not only of the glorious nature of world cinema –  all of the different styles and countries and voices and techniques and subjects – but you also get a sense of the gloriousness of the world itself.”  It’s no surprise that in 2003, for example, around 600 films were made in the USA.  It may be more of a surprise that some 300 were also made in Japan, 200 in China and 120 in both Germany and Russia. Over 900 were made in India.  We haven’t seen them all.

We’ll try not to mark the film-makers as if they were at film school and we don’t set out out to offend them.  We’ll just give our reaction, mainly emotional.  And, in time, we’ll try to write about the films in French and German, as well as English.

Some films we like: Silent Light, Mirror, Stalker, Fish Tank, Kid with a Bike, Withnail and I, The Hairdressers Husband, Poetry, Uncle Boonmee, Conversations with my Gardener, Born and Bred, The White Ribbon, Thin Red Line, Paris Texas, Dancer in the Dark, Breaking the Waves, Beau Travail, The Unbelievable Truth, Three Colours Trilogy, Madeinusa, The Graduate, American Beauty, Fitzcarraldo, Amores Perros and, of course, Apocalypse Now (“Disneyland? Fuck, man! This is better than Disneyland”).

The still above is from Mirror (Russia 1975), Dir: Andrei Tarkovsky.


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