Recent films you may have missed

Here are some recent films that we think are worth taking a look at, if you haven’t seen them.  Some films we liked, with some comments from the directors themselves.  The comments are publicly available on the internet or as published in BFI London Film Festival Catalogues.


Las Acacias (2011), Dir Pablo Giorgelli. “The film is about my pain facing loss and the ability to reconstruct oneself”


Snowtown (2011), Dir Justin Kurzel. “With its raw brutality and surprising tenderness the script revealed a corruption of innocence unlike anything I had read before”


Breathing (2011), Dir: Karl Markowics. “He moves from prison to work at the public mortuary, from one area of social taboo to another, creating a field of tension..”


The Giants (2011), Dir: Bouli Lanners. “We’re heading for something better”

The Kid With A Bike (2011), Dir: The Dardennes Brothers. “This kid without any ties runs after love without knowing it.”

The Monk (2011), Dir: Dominik Moll. “The story of a man whom Satan tries to trap, but he ends up trapping himself because he lacks something that religion can’t provide.”

China/Hong Kong

A Simple Life (2011), Dir: Ann Hui. ” I think I finally made a good movie.  Its not a matter of egotism, its a matter of grace.”

Here, There (2012), Dir: Lu Sheng. ” Missing [something/someone] is something very common.  The further away, the deeper the thoughts.”


Alps (2011), Dir: Yargos Lanthimos. “Rule 7 of the Alps: Can never talk about Alps activities with non-Alps members”


Volcano (2011), Dir: Runar Runarsson. “An old-fashioned man who cannot express his love is someone most of us, if not all, know.”


Mourning (2011), Dir: Morteza Fashbaf. “They go through so much change and switch in their attitudes and feelings toward each other that at the end you can hardly say they are the same people who began the journey.”


Terraferma (2011), Dir: Emanuele Crialese. “As long as there is life on earth man will always depart to search for something better.  Movement is action and action is knowledge.”


Miss Bala (2011), Dir: Gerardo Naranjo. “We see the contemporary crime wave through…an everyday eye that witnesses how life is slowly transformed into a nightmare.”


Oslo, August 31st (2011), Dir: Joachim Trier. “There’s great drama in the lives of those with choices…Oslo August 31st is about the state of being lost and that particular loneliness that accompanies it.”


Elena (2011), Dir: Andrei Zvyagintsev. “..the central idea of modern days: survival of the fittest, survival at any cost.”

Target (2011), Dir: Alexander Zeldovich. “What is man. Where are his limits?”

Twilight Portrait (2011), Dir: Angelina Nikonova. “Olga managed to nail in her story the true nature of the most disturbing phenomenon in contemporary society – indifference.”



Once Upon A Time In Anatolia (2011), Dir: Nuri Bilge Ceylan. “A murder happened and they spent an entire night looking for the body.  He didn’t remember why the murder happened or where the body was buried exactly, but he remembered the atmosphere.

…Even though I like Sergio Leone, there’s no reference to him in this film.  Maybe this is a Turkish western, but I never thought about it.”


Another Earth (2011), Dir: Mike Cahill. “What would it be like to sit across from externalise those internal monologues.  How would you judge a version of yourself?”

HERE (2011), Dir: Braden King. “..the window halfway down, and that perfect, blissful feeling of being right here, right now.”

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011), Dir: Sean Durkin. “They’re always talking and they’re never communicating.”

Natural Selection (2011), Dir: Robbie Pickering. ” I channeled all of that anxiety and worry into an odd story about a woman who is faced with the prospect of loneliness and death for the first time and goes to great lengths to escape that reality.”

Without (2011), Dir: Mark Jackson. ” A film about what happens to grief in isolation – stripped of distraction and connectivity.”


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